History of the church of Christ in Crestwood, IL

    1960     The first service was conducted on April 17, 1960 in one small classroom. Attendance was 68.
   1964     Construction for the new auditorium began the last week of August 1964.
   1965     The building was completed by the middle of January 1965. The new seats were installed the last week of January, and services were held the following Sunday. Dorval McClister preached the first sermon.
   1974     The building loan was paid off January 1974.
   2000     In the fall of 2000 the restrooms were remodeled with handicap access.
   2001     In the winter of 2001 we have remodeled the church office and three new classrooms.
   2005     The roof was redesigned on the North section of the building.
   2006     A new ceiling and lighting were done in the foyer. More renovations were planned for the future.

Past and Present Evangelists: