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On all file formats...

If you want to download the file directly to your computer please follow these simple steps. First, right click on the following links below labeled as "MP3" or "PPT" and choose "Save Target As..." It will prompt you to decide a location to store your file and click "SAVE" Follow these instructions for all of the file formats available on our website.

If you would like to view the file immediately, just simply click on the file and the default windows program will open and view or play the file. Be aware that it may take a few minutes to open the program and download the file. Typically, the ".mp3" audio file will open with Windows Media Player. The ".ppt" presentation file will open using Microsoft Power Point. (See the section below for help on downloading Microsoft power point files.)

MP3 Audio (.mp3)

These audio files can be played on almost any media player. Download times will vary. However, the file sizes for the mp3 files are approximately 4 MB.

Power Point (.ppt)

The ".ppt" presentation file will open using Microsoft Power Point. If you do not have Microsoft Power Point, you can download Power Point viewer for free from the Microsoft website. To download the newest program, follow this link to download Power Point Viewer 2003

Email the Webmaster if you have issues downloading files.